These ghosts, they follow me everywhere I go

Not Enough
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG, I guess
Pairing: Toma/Arashi
Disclaimer: Arashi belongs to Arashi. Or to Johnny. But not to me.
A/N: I am writing a g-rated orgy. An angsty g-rated orgy. What has become of me? myjulien, you are a fantastic beta even though you don't think you know how to beta.

They welcomed him with open arms, they always did, but it was always them and him and never us. He wasn’t neglected. There were always hands on him, there was always someone to hold, to kiss. But with them it was something to take for granted, where with him it was a conscious motion. Every time they would meet like this, one of them or another would always ask why couldn’t we have been six, not five? But he knew. They were so perfect, so complete, they could never have been anything but five.

He would take small pieces of sensation, of emotion, hide them away for later. When the need was unbearable, he would take them out one at a time and savor them, mere ghosts of what they used to be. Just a little longer, he’d tell himself, then I can go back.

He could tell that they loved him. It was in their eyes before every kiss, expressed in every gesture. And he loved them. Oh, he loved them. But he loved them with longing, when he should have nothing to long for.

He should be happier. He was a success in his own right. Everyone knew his name, he was one of the elite. It was gratifying. He’d made it without a support system, and he was just fine that way, except when he wasn’t. Then he would go to the familiar warmth, the one that loved him and comforted him, but he could never belong to.

Even in the most intimate of moments, it was blindingly clear. When he went over the edge, he was out of sync. When they did, they were never alone.

This post is here to soothe my guilty concience
I was thinking of participating in the fundraiser for Japan as a fic writer, except two things.

1: There are already a ton of fic writers there, it's unnecessary and most of them are much better than me

2: I am already participating using my regular account. I'm offering something completely different than fanfiction. So I haven't ignored it, in case you were wondering you weren't

I might write a little to keep my spirits up, but I won't be asking for donations to post it. Although right now I'm overwhelmed with my donation requests, so probably not anytime soon.

I need help? Brainstorming? Anyone?
I've had this idea for a fic floating around in my head since around the end of My Girl, something talking about what happened in the three intervening years that Masamune was away in America. I'm including a rough sketch of an idea here.

The thing is, I want someone to bounce ideas off of. I don't want to say I need a beta, since I don't want to burden anyone with mucking through my rough sketches- but I'd like someone to brainstorm with so I don't end up going in weird directions, or OOC, or writing myself into a corner. It won't be too much responsibility, just the occasional chat will be fine. Any volunteers?

Here's the starting point:

Read more? Please?Collapse )

NOTE: This is not even the final draft of the intro, it's just so you get the idea of where I might go with this.

Genre: Domestic
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ohno/Jun
Disclaimer: Arashi belongs to Arashi. Or to Johnny. But not to me.
A/N: Writing at work again, la. This is my first time writing Juntoshi, also my first time writing from Ohno POV. Oh, and my first time writing in present tense I'm still not sure how it came out...

Matsumoto Jun loves waking up.Collapse )

(no subject)

(note: epithet in this context means a generic description used instead of a name, such as "the taller man" or "the younger man", a crime which I commit frequently and vigorously. Epithets can be subtle and useful tools when used correctly, but apparently I can't so I'm trying very, very hard to stop)

It just occurred to me
...that I actually have my own personal Momo.

No, this is not a fic.

I'm close friends with a guy about six years younger than me who's suffering from depression, and he's hospitalized for it. Since I'm one of his only adult friends I'm the only one with the means to really keep in touch with him (phones, email, not allowed, only in-person visits or letters). Here's the kicker, he has this awesome fluffy hair that's SO soft and wonderful, and sometimes he'll be lying in his bed and I'll sit there and just pet his head while we talk about everything in the world. He's someone that I want to adopt as my own pet :D

This is less creepy when you realize that pretty much all of his friends pet his hair ^_^;; so really he's everyone's Momo, not just mine ^_^;;;;;

I have no idea.
Genre: Dunno
Rating: PG
Pairing: heh
Disclaimer: Arashi belongs to Arashi. Or to Johnny. But not to me.
A/N: Girls, why do I do this at work. WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME WHY AM I DOING THIS WHEN I SHOULD BE WORKING. This is not even long enough for a cut, it just popped into my head

Masaki, Masaki, are you listening to me?

... what... ...what's wrong...

You know that scene in Pikanchi where your hands are covered in melted ice cream and that girl kisses you on the cheek?

Nino, it's three in the morning, did you wake me up just to ask me that?

Well she kind of hits the corner of your mouth and I like the way your lips kind of bounce, can we try that?

You wouldn't be able to see it, since you'd be the one kissing me. Go back to sleep.

But I want to see Masaki's lips get all plumped!

Mph... Nino... why are you sqishing my cheeks... let me sleep already!

Fine then, I'll ask Jun-kun to kiss you in the morning.


Good night, Masaki!

It is not ready yet. Today was the busy day from hell and I didn't have time to finish it. But IT HAS BEEN STARTED and it's coming soon. The next few days in general will be the busy day from hell, but hopefully, soon, soon, SOON.

Lot of Aiba stuff going on lately, hope that you can pretend that some of it's from me!

Is that a gun in your pocket?
Or, how much can we get away with in twenty minutes?

Genre: Smut and crack
Rating: R?
Pairing: Aiba/Jun but really just everyone

Disclaimer: Arashi belongs to Arashi. Or to Johnny. But not to me T_T
A/N: HOLY MOTHER OF ALL EVERYTHING my brother used this computer while this fic was minimized! Luckily he didn’t actually read anything. “I’ll never live it down” wouldn’t even BEGIN to describe how that would have ended. Argh, note to self: NEVER leave fanfics open when siblings might borrow the computer. Sorry for all the shouting. Gah.

(Warning: the following story was inspired by an episode of AnShi. Picspam will follow the fic.)

What's a group to do, when you're given random twenty-minute intervals with nothing to occupy them?Collapse )

Ok wow
I exceeded my bandwidth on Photobucket. WTF?? I guess a lot of people have been coming to visit me lately :) Well, hopefully my account will be functioning again on the 12th of September, since I can't afford an account on Photobucket.

Also, later I will be putting up a sticky post, for whoever wants to add me. I will not lock any posts in this journal, since it's not about my private life and I'm glad for people to come read, but the gist of it is this: If you add me, I'd love to add you back. As a matter of fact, with some people I already have. But,, I'd like to hear a little from you first. How did you find me? Who are you? Tell me especially about your Arashi addiction- who's your favorite, who's your OTP or OT3, how'd you get into Arashi, etc. I want to not have total strangers on my f-list. From now on I will add people back only after we've chatted a bit, but not to worry- if you're shy, we don't have to be mutual friends. Add me and you'll get notifications when I update, without ever having to talk to me. Just remember the writer's creed- comments are my crack :) even if you simply want to say "I read this", it makes me happy.

Love and orgies to everyone!


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